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A Shaggy Dog Story……

It’s a Shaggy Dog story……. Ryley is a Collie Doodle ~ a relatively new breed which I haven’t had the pleasure of working with before. Mum was understandably concerned that the end result was what both she & dad wanted Ryley to look like and so we took time and care to discuss what mattered most for the characteristics of the breed and Ryley himself . It’s a huge compliment to be entrusted to look after someone else’s pride-and-joy; such a delight to work with a brave, well behaved and likeable young chap! …. Very gratifying for me to achieve exactly what the customer wants, especially when it’s his first trip to the groomer, encountering an environment full of so many new noises and smells!

Head 2 Tail - Dog Grooming's photo.  2                          Head 2 Tail - Dog Grooming's photo.
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