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Frequently asked questions

How old should my puppy be before he/she has their first groom?

Although the coat shouldn’t be cut until he/she is at least six months old, it’s great to introduce your pup to the grooming studio as early as possible, especially if they are a breed which needs regular grooming. That’s why I offer the “Puppy Pamper”. Make his/her first appointment for two weeks after the second inoculations.

What will it cost?

My prices shown on this website demonstrate examples for sizes/breeds of dog. As every dog is different ~ coat, temperament, not to mention the style you require, I’d always discuss this with you first to give you a confirmed price.

How long will it take?

Again, because every dog is different, this can vary. Once I get to know your dog, I will have a much clearer idea of how long it will take but for example, a full groom can take from two to three hours. I will always give you a guide when you drop your dog off and ring you when they are nearly ready to be collected.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. As it’s my policy to offer each dog a one-to-one service, I operate an appointment system. But I’ll happily arrange a time for you to drop in for a chat – with or without your furry friend – if you’d like a look around and discuss requirements.

So how often will he/she need to come?

That’s entirely up to you. Some people prefer their dogs close cut and let the coat grow for quite a while before having the dog re-clipped. Provided you are happy keeping him/her groomed so they don’t matt in the meantime, that’s not a problem. And again, different breeds, styles, temperaments all vary. As a guide, my Cockapoo needs a cut every six weeks during the winter and about every four to five in the summer (depending on the weather!). You can always book for a “Face tidy” if everything else is ok in the meantime. There’s also the question of ‘lifestyle’. If your dog is “outdoors” like my spaniel, (the muddier the better), then regular bathing is required. However, excessive bathing CAN be bad for certain breeds’ skin. As a guide, six to eight weeks maximum between baths for short coated and four to six weeks for longer coats.

What do you mean “matted”?

Matting happens when longer coats aren’t groomed regularly ~ they can particularly occur where friction happens, so for example under the armpits and where harnesses or collars are. I’ll be happy to recommend the right brushes/combs etc for you to use between full grooming sessions. However, If your dog is excessively matted when you bring him or her in, the kindest thing is to close-shave the dog. Trying to brush/comb out the matts can be painful and distressing for the dog and I would not therefore do this. A matted coat is a breeding ground for bacteria and therefore skin infections. Please see de-matting policy in T&Cs.

I think my dog might have fleas……

If your dog clearly has fleas when you arrive, I would re-schedule your appointment so you can get this treated before returning. However, if I discover fleas which were not noticeable when you arrived, I will use a specialist flea killing shampoo. There will however be an additional £5 charge for this.

My dog has a few “issues”…..

Don’t worry, I know where you’re coming from….. all dogs are different and sometimes they can be timid or aggressive ~ or anywhere in between. PLEASE DO TELL ME if your dog has issues ~ that way we can work together to overcome these in the best way possible. I must reserve the right to refuse a dog if I feel it’s behaviour may be harmful to itself or me; but I will always try my best to befriend your dog. If we’re part way through grooming and he or she becomes distressed, then I will aim to complete the grooming process as best possible.

(Please note that If your dog has ever bitten someone, you do have a duty of care of tell me).

So would it be better if I stayed with him/her?

On the whole, the answer to this is no. Your dog will respond better to me if you aren’t here. You are the whole world to him or her so they will respond to you before me, which can be difficult when grooming. However, please be assured that should I feel your dog needs you, I will ring. Occasionally, it’s good to have mum or dad holding paws when clipping nails or snouts when trimming fidgety faces ~ we can sort that out at the time.