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Full Groom

 Full Groom:

  • We’ll discuss your requirements, any concerns, any health issues ~ please DO tell me if your dog has any behavioural quirks or if they have bitten before ~ it’ll help me to know how best to keep them as happy as possible.
  • A Warm bath using top quality shampoo and conditioner chosen to suit your dog’s breed and coat. (I will use your own shampoo if you prefer to bring this along)
  • Your dog will be gently hand dried with love and care (I do not use cage driers)
  • He or she will be clipped/hand stripped/scissor cut as necessary.
  • Ears will be cleaned and plucked as necessary; nails clipped; paws trimmed


Toy/Miniature/Tea-cup from £25   Small dogs from £28    Medium dogs from £35   Large dogs from £45

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