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Terms & Conditions


 Terms & Conditions:

Please help the grooming process for your furry friend by:

Ensuring he/she is up-to-date with their vaccinations.

Taking him or her to the toilet before bringing them to the studio.

Making sure I’m aware of any health issues/behavioural issues/special requirements you may have.

Bringing your dog at the time we have appointed and collecting him/her as promptly as possible.

De-matting policy:

Dogs with matted coats will require extra time and attention. Mats left in a coat harbour bacteria and therefore encourage skin infections. It is not reasonable or fair to the dog to leave a matted coat. However, brushing out excessive mats is painful and distressing for the dog and therefore, it may be necessary to shave the dog. I will always endeavour to contact you prior to this. However, if I am unable to get hold of you, I reserve the right to go ahead and shave the dog’s coat. Because of the nature of doing this, nicks or cuts may occasionally occur. Every care will be taken and my major aim is the comfort and well-being of your dog.

Public Liability Insurance:

As a professional dog groomer, I am, of course, insured to cover your dog’s and my own welfare. However, please note that in the event of injury or illness, I would call a vet; and unless I am clearly liable, all costs incurred will be at the owner’s expense.

Timid or aggressive dogs; or dogs with any sort of behavioural issues may require extra time and care. If I am aware of this beforehand, life for your dog and I will be so much easier ~ please discuss things with me prior to your appointment. I’d rather we both know so that I can do my utmost to ensure your dog has an enjoyable experience as possible. Should I feel continuing with grooming presents distress to your dog or myself, I will cease grooming and call you.

Payment: Please pay by cash or cheque on collection. A receipt will be issued if you require one. Regrettably I cannot accept credit/debit cards but can accept bank transfers on request (same day payment please).


Whilst illness or sudden problems can happen to any of us, where at all possible, I would request 24 hours notice of cancellation to prevent a cancellation charge having to be made.

And finally……

…..if there is anything you are NOT happy about, PLEASE tell me.

My aim is complete customer satisfaction ~ I want to provide the sort of service that I want to receive.

I will always listen and endeavour to sort out any problems.

Please be assured, I want you to walk away pleased and proud to tell people that your dog was cared for at “Head 2 Tail”.