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The Puppy Pamper


The Puppy Pamper

Whilst a puppy’s coat shouldn’t be clipped for the first six months, I’d love to welcome your puppy to “Head to Tail” to explore this new environment in preparation for when the full grooming experience is necessary ~ especially if you have a dog who will require regular grooming. Bring him or her for a fun-filled bubble-bath, lots of love and cuddles and a fluffing blow dry. We can introduce scissors, clipper noise and ear cleaning as he or she seems happy. Your puppy will get to know me as a friendly face, the studio as a friendly place and I will get to know his or her characteristics, not to mention your requirements. (First appointments should be made no earlier than two weeks following full inoculations)


All puppies to six months of age: £15 to £25 depending on size and breed

All dogs over six months will be charged at full price.

puppy pamper